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This 90min session is the best way for you to hear from an industry expert who manufacturers locally and overseas and understands ALL the costs involved in getting your product made.


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 Have you been questioning where you get your products made?


-Are you finding offshore is getting increasingly more expensive?


-Have you been told there is no local manufacturing?


-Are you worried that the cost of making locally will blow out your RRP?


-Have you started development but already the costs of freight and difficulty in communication is making your wonder if you have made a mistake?


-Are you looking for an easier way but first you would like some facts?

Make sure you attend our True Cost of Offshore V Onshore Masterclass

Where you will find out what you need to know before

you make the commitment to manufacturing your label.

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You can't argue with the facts!


Such a fascinating comparison to the real costs!
Matias Suter

This has been enlightening


19 years making mainly onshore. I couldn’t have done it without loyal repeat customers and great products 
Bel Fin


In this Masterclass, The Sample Room founder,

Julia Van der Sommen will help you understand the

costs so you know how to take the next steps in your clothing label.


This live, interactive workshop is ideal for you if:

  • You've been looking to start a label but you are not sure what to do first and how to decide on where to manufacture
  • You have tried overseas manufacturers but the samples you got back are not right and you are wondering if you should persist
  • You have spoken to a local manufacturer but you feel it is too hard and you could not work out the overall cost
  • You have a business and have been producing offshore but the costs are so unpredictable but you are not sure if it is worth it to change
  • You are aware of the local desire for locally made products but you are not sure where to start or if it is actually financially worth it
  • You are interested in simply understanding if those statements from agents and offshore manufacturers are actually true

Have you ever questioned where you should get your clothes made?

With so much conflicting information around combined with 'advice' from people who have never had a business, have you ever wondered if you are making the right decision.

We all know that freight costs have increased over the last few years, but what about the currency exchange?

And have you ever received a production run only to find out that the number of garments you can actually sell is not at 100%

My name is Julia Van Der Sommen and I have worked in the fashion industry for over 30yrs. I am now the owner of Sample Room, a product development business in Melbourne which also offers small run manufacturing. But for many years I worked with offshore manufacturing so I have seen the costs first hand on both sides of the argument. I am also in an unusual position that I speak to 100's of business owners who are at their wit's ends with frustration from poor quality garments, high MOQ and costs that blow out at the last minute.

For years I had a gut feeling that the overall cost saving with making offshore was not clear and not as wonderful as people would expect.

So I set out to create an experiment. What if put the actual costs into a side by side comparison chart to see the TRUE COSTS. What I saw shocked and surprised me. I had first presented this in 2019 to a small group but when 2020 pandemic hit and costs went crazy, it was time for me to add in the other variables to see the results.

In this masterclass I want to step you through the different scenarios so you can make an informed decision when it comes to starting your fashion label or how you continue your fashion business. 

I also want to help you understand what is involved if you are interested in local manufacturing and how it differs from offshore.

My name is Julia and I have put together this special masterclass based on the questions I know you need answered so you know how to progress.

What participants have said about The True Cost Masterclass:

Belinda Cook

Thank you, very insightful for general production considerations... beyond fashion!

Alexandra Krambousanos

Thank you Julia, amazing presentation

and thank you for your transparency

Melissa Aitchison

Very helpful breakdowns and great info!

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